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Arminé has an upbeat and casual approach to good design for every room in your home. She is particular about design, colour and balance, and believes that where you live should reflect your own personality while fitting within your budget. Arminé's philosophy is a home should look lived in, not overly decorated. All the things you really enjoy and want to be surrounded by should be present, decorating and design needs to be personalized.


After being a creative partner at AT Design, a groundbreaking retail shop in Yorkville, Toronto, Armine has relocated to Calgary, where she loves the vibrant energy, enthusiasm and go-for-it attitude. 

A graduate of both fashion and interior design, Arminé has taught at the College level, owned her own fashion design company and managed many high-end retail shops. A sought-after consultant in fashion, décor, event planning, floral arranging and a host of creative design projects, Arminé manages to maintain a very approachable demeanor. 

" My passion is people, and I love nothing better than to engage and inspire clients – empower them with my enthusiasm and make their home environment beautiful, warm and welcoming. My second love is entertaining, which includes, organizing memorable celebratory events and arranging indoor and outdoor floral landscapes. I also love to help people get the up-to-date on the modern do’s and don’ts about hosting, guesting and overall good social skills." – Arminé

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