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Kindness and consideration for others. If you treat people with respect and courtesy, it can create a positive chain reaction and bring out the best in people. Manners are an important standard of behaviour in our interaction with other people and our society. Entertaining is always in season and focusing on how to be a guest and host is always important and in style.  

"My passion is entertaining and hosting. I have learned how to plan and execute fabulous social events get-togethers – both formal and casual and for large or intimate gatherings. Just as important, I have learned how to be a gracious and polite guest." – Arminé


This is not your Grandmother’s Etiquette.

  • Table rules – what to do, when to do it, how to do it and social insecurities.

  • Setting your table – how to set a simple or formal table.

  • Challenging foods and drinks – finger foods, fly-away salads, messy foods and sharing plates in public.

  • How to be a gracious host and a good guest.

Come and join us in one of our courses that we can personalize according to your specific needs. We are also available to help you on site with your decorating and entertaining needs.

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