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  • Don’t hold up the line. Study the menu while you wait in line to decide what you wish to order

  • Step out of line if you haven’t decided on your order by the time you reach the front of the line.

  • Text or email your order whenever possible.

  • If you are placing a large order for beverages with complex ingredients, write down the order and hand it to the cashier or barista.

  • Supervise children as they pass the shelves of food items. Even though these are wrapped, it is not appetizing to watch hands poke, prod, and squeeze everything in reach.

  • Clean up after yourself and report major spills to an employee.

  • Don’t put your feet on or spread your belongings on empty chairs. Do not set up camp, parking your laptop and settling in for the day unless you are prepared to purchase something about every two hours.

  • Remember you are using resources of the business while sitting there and using space other paying customers might occupy.

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